The Power of Groups

One study concluded that, “Mutual support groups are just as effective as meeting one-on-one with a trained counselor.”* Richard Nelson Bolles in the 2009 What Color is Your Parachute asserts that working in a group with other job-hunters has an 84% success rate. All this at a fraction of the cost when one considers that a conservative figure for a one-on-one series of career meeting is $5,000.

We can safely affirm that career planning is more effective when done is a small group of like minded peers where each individual gains:

  • support, you don’t have to go through these challenging times alone,
  • a safe place to practice your skills with feedback for improvement,
  • increased responsibility and accountability for action plans.

But just meeting as a group is not sufficient; the group needs a proven process to follow during their meetings. Our Career Club eleven modules provide your Club the content, structure and process to lead and form a Career Club that is self-pace and self managed by the members. Plus it is fun, don’t wait let the power of groups work for you throughout your career journey.

* Bright, J.I., Baker, K.D., & Neimeyer, R.A. (1999). Professional and paraprofessional group treatments for depression: a comparison of cognitive-behavioral and mutual support interventions. Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology, 67(4), 491-501.