What's Your Commitment To Yourself?

Matt M. Starcevich, Ph.D.

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Forget about loyalty, it’s outdated, there’s little payoff and organizations can’t return it. Shift to your commit to yourself. Commitment goes beyond loyalty. Forget about what generation you’re in, from here forward is what counts. Peter Drucker states that "knowledge is the only meaningful resource". Knowledge belongs to you, it’s mobile and it’s for sale. Commit yourself to meaningful and satisfying work, and the organizations that seek out and value you and your skill sets will follow. You’ll control your own destiny. Oh yes, your current employer will see you as loyal—but not take you for granted.

This ten question quiz asks about hypothetical situations to assess the degree you are committed to yourself. Passing is not the goal, making the right a choice about your life is!

You place an advertisement in the Wall Street Journal about yourself, what do you emphasize?

You are offered a job that has a high degree of ambiguity and uncertainty, do you:

You are preparing your objectives and performance plan for next year, do you:

When you consider your attitude about your work and the organization, do you:

You are attending a social event with your peers from work and there seems to be a lot of complaining about current conditions, are you:

Your department has just hired an efficiency expert for an audit of all personnel, how would they describe you:

When you consider the organization you work for, do you consider yourself:

Do you spend purposeful time:

How would you describe your beliefs about your personal development:

You believe it is important to: