Victim Services Volunteer questionnaire

Wondering if you would enjoy working as a Victim Services Volunteer (VSV), or if you’d be any good at it? The goal of this questionnaire is to provide an indication of how satisfied and productive you would be as a VSV. For each of the following statements about you indicate whether you agree or disagree. Complete all statements; there are no trick questions, when in doubt think about how the person who knows you best would respond.

I exercise restraint in expressing my opinions and beliefs.

I am comfortable with all kinds of people.

Others would describe me as trustworthy.

I display a keen interest in what others have to say.

Others would say I am good at understanding how they feel.

I am very patient when working with others.

I understand how my behavior affects others willingness to talk.

I strive to accept others choices without judging them, even if I disagree.

I value those who are different from me, their opinions and perspective.

For me the goal of questions is to improve understanding not cross-examination.

During problem solving discussions I work to maintain objectivity in exploring alternatives.

When working with others I focus on their agenda not mine.

Others would describe me as having a “half full versus half empty” outlook.

I am able to function in difficult, high stress, chaotic situations.

Thank you for completing the Victim Services Volunteer questionnaire. You will be receiving an email with your results and implications for  becoming a  Victim Service Volunteer. If you choose to pursue this fantastically rewarding volunteer work it would be helpful  to print the email and discuss with the supervisor of the volunteers, the results and any thoughts on where you can grow into an even more effective volunteer.