Test your readiness to be mentored

by Matt M. Starcevich, Ph.D.

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The popular advice is "find a mentor". A question to ask yourself first is "How ready am I to be mentored"? Your readiness will have a significant impact on how successful and productive the mentoring partnership will be. This quiz will give you a start in assessing your readiness.

When you think about your development and growth, which of the following statement best represents your beliefs:

What do you believe is the most effective role for a mentor:

When thinking about your expectations for the mentoring relationship should they:

How aware are you of who you are, what you value, the skills and talents that make your unique and your limitations?

What do you feel the mentor should get out of the relationship?

Which statement best represents your belief about plans and ideas you and your mentor discuss:

How will you react to feedback and observations from your mentor?

What should be your role in finding a mentor?

What should be your responsibility in maintaining the mentoring relationship?

Which statement best describes why you want to enter into a mentoring relationship: