Remote or hybrid work; which is right for me?
Matt M. Starcevich, Ph.D.
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Each has its attractions : flexibility, less commute, cost savings, choice of location, peace and quiet. Much has been written about the organization and leadership changes needed to support this new normal. Little guidance has been given the worker with their decision, if and to what extent remote or hybrid work is best for them.

Answers to the following 10 questions and subsequent discussions might help in your decision beyond the initial attractions of remote or hybrid work. There is no right or wrong answer.

Comfortable with ambiguity; ability to adapt, prefer flexibility.

Enjoy less social interaction, working alone, interactions with peers are wearisome.

Task focused, irritated when interrupted, not fond of working in teams.

Practical, self-controlled, conscientious, self-disciplined, organized, independent thinker.

Feedback from others is not important; don’t need to check with the boss before making a decision.

A good day is the solitude to work uninterrupted on a project.

My satisfaction is derived from personally knowing the job was well done.

Adapt promptly to changing demands, decisive. Uncomfortable with being micromanaged.

Learns through observation, and reflection. Likes hands on learning of new things.

Technology savvy; comfortable as a communicator in all venues and media.