Quiz: How are you managing your career?

When thinking about managing a career most focus on the fit between your current career and your work values. Work values might include: security, success, recognition, independence, friendly environment, supportive management/company, and good working conditions.

Our focus here is on what are you doing to manage your career to achieve whatever work values are important to you--your behaviors, your actions? What behaviors/actions are you taking to move beyond thinking about what is important to your career? Actions produce results and can be managed to improve the results desired.

Your answers to the following ten statements will give you a start to assess how you are managing your career.

I have a one and five year written plan for my career.

At least once a year I dedicate at least two hours to assess my career goals, options and progress.

I use a process to define and validate my unique strengths.

I meet with likeminded peers at least once a quarter to discuss career issues and practice career management skills.

I have developed a persuasive talk that illustrates the value I can deliver to present or future employers.

Quarterly I add at least two new contacts to my network of contacts.

During the last year I have sent each of my contacts something that would be of value to them

I have defined and written out my preferences for all aspects of my career

I have evaluated at least two alternative careers in case my current path is no longer an option.

At least once a year I update my various social media outlets and resume to accurately reflect my current status.

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