Evaluating Your Resume QUIZ

Matt M. Starcevich, Ph.D. and Arnold Sykes

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Your resume may be the only thing a potential employer will see to determines if an interview is warranted. How effective is your resume in producing interviews?

Every product you purchase is based on the value received for the money spent. Product value is described in quantifiable terms: mpg, karats, processing speed, memory, warranty, etc. Isn’t it reasonable for a potential employer to ask, “What am I buying?” Does your resume present your true and unique value to a potential employer (the buyer)? If it does an interview is more likely. The following ten-question quiz is a start in evaluating how well your resume communicates your value or what the potential employer is buying.

Is your transmittal letter specific to the company/job you are seeking and does it emphasize the value you bring to this employer?

Is your resume written from the buyers perspective (value produced) or a sellers perspective (product features)?

Does your resume list your 3-6 unique strengths?

For each strength listed are the situations you faced, actions taken and quantifiable results produced clearly stated?

Are the situations you have faced and results produced in past jobs critical to effectiveness in the position you seek?

Does your employment history clearly indicate whether you career is progressing with increasing accountability?

Is your resume targeted toward the job you are seeking?

Does your resume use action words indicating you are decisiveness and results oriented? For example: Problem Solver, Leader, Developer, and Negotiator?

Is your resume easy to read using concise, crisp language and bullet points?

Spend no more than 15 seconds reading the top half of your resume. Does it catch/hold your interest and motivate you to look deeper?