Pick the best methods for finding a job

With current rates of unemployment many find themselves in the strange and uncomfortable role of looking for a job. Never thought you would be here—well you are so what can you do? Unfortunately we turn to mailing or posting our resume and searching the various sources of help wanted ads. Result—little to no response. Richard Nelson Bolles in the 2009 What Color Is Your Parachute estimates that mailing resumes and searching for job posting on the internet has roughly a 7% chance of success—i.e., for every 100 job hunters who use these methods only 7 will find a job. Discouraged, keep reading, there is hope.

Following the complete Career Clubs Process of defining: What are my motivations and strengths, Where are my opportunities, Who will help me and How will I market myself has an estimated 86% success rate. Wow, single digits might be acceptable when talking about inflation but not when you and your family’s livelihood are on the line. You can even improve on the 86% success rate by joining a Career Club. Don’t go through this process alone, actively participating in a Career type of Club that follows a proven approach to developing and practicing your career planning skills as well as provide you the needed support has a 84% success rate. These two methods when combined are 12 times more effective than mailing out or posting our resumes on the internet.

Your choice 7% versus 86% success rate, seems like a no-brainer.