Lost your job—history holds some important lessons and solutions

In these rough economic times many find themselves facing a new experience—unemployed and at a loss for what to do. Three books were written during the Great Depression of the 30’s to address this very problem*.

The central solution for the unemployed is being able to articulate exactly what it is that you can do for an employer, based on actual experiences. We offer two ways to define and validate you unique transferable strengths. Finding jobs that utilize your unique strengths may mean a career change. The good news is that a career which utilizes more of your unique strengths will be more satisfying.

Even in depressed times employers are looking for employees who can make a contribution. Don’t think about careers or jobs, think about how your unique strengths can be presented to fulfill a potential employers needs. Those who do will always find satisfying work.

* Sidney and Mary Edlund. Pick Your Job and Land It! Prentice Hall, New York, 1938