Unlike others Starcevich and Sykes have studied leaders who define themselves by a set of values and beliefs that results in a culture where relationships with employees, customers, stakeholders and suppliers, are equal to business acumen and skills. These values and beliefs and the resulting set of leadership behaviors leading to exceptional business results can be found in this book.

These leaders are exceptional but not the high profile ones that so many have chronicled. They would consider themselves common, they are not. They have and are building uncommon organizations where a relationship based culture has resulted in great places to work and a distinct competitive advantage in their markets.

7 Difference-Making Leadership Behaviors is a road map that any potential or existing leader can learn how to build organizations that are more consistent with human nature and exceptionally successful.

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This is a companion to our book 7 Difference-Making Leadership Behaviors. Although different in learning styles, the successful leaders we studied were all continual learners, they built on their unique natural talents to continually improve themselves as leaders.

There are many aspects of leadership; we focus on 7 distinguishing behaviors. The exercises in this workbook go beyond the reflective questions at the end of each chapter in the book. They are intended to help you develop a game plan for developing your skills in these 7 behaviors. The exercises can be completed individually or in a group of like-minded individuals. The benefit of the group is in the discussion, seeing how other creatively approach their learning and support.

We start with a simple assessment of how you would describe your leadership behaviors. Take this assessment for free. From these results you can focus only on the exercises that address one or more of the 7 Difference-Making Leadership Behaviors or complete all the exercises to build on those that are strengths and work to improve others. Our goal is to help you be the best leader you can be.

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