How In Step Are You With Generation X?

Matt M. Starcevich, Ph.D.
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Are you tired of reading about the unfortunate, misunderstood Generation X? Are you tired of catering to these folks, only to have them leave your organization? You may have no choice in the matter. A March 16, 1998, article in Fortune magazine states "... with the U.S. unemployment rate at 4.7%, about the lowest it has been in a quarter of a century, companies are no longer in the driver's seat." Your choice is to continue to be at war and try to mold them into a clone of yourself, or, you can consider how you might set aside your motives, values, and goals - accept them as they are and help them be the individual contributors to your organization that they want to be.

There are about as many definitions of who comprises Generation X as there are authors. So, we have taken an average set of ages. This quiz is for leaders who are over age 35 (in 1998) with direct reports aged 20-34. This quiz asks you ten questions about how you communicate with and lead Xers. The goal is not to "pass" this quiz, but to start an honest self-evaluation process that will help you create win-win relationships. (See related article in this web site on Coaching Generation X for the drivers of this group's behaviors.)

You are advertising for positions in your department. In the advertisement, do you:

During an interview with job applicants, what do you emphasize the most?

As a leader, what do you think are the most important behaviors you can exhibit?

You are working on next year's training for your department. What does this look like?

How do you delegate work/make assignments?

As people set out to accomplish a task, do you:

How do you go about giving feedback and performance evaluation?

When people participate on your project team, what are the characteristics of the team?

How do you provide recognition?

When you try to have some fun at work, you: