Don’t hide behind your computer screen

With the increase in the number of people seeking re-employment the press and media have spotlighted a number of personal stories. Inevitability when asked by the reporter, “What are you doing to find a job?” The response is sending our resumes and searching on-line job sites. With our Texting, Internet savvy society it has become comfortable to sit at our computer and conduct a job search.

We want to scream at these people—don’t you know that the majority of jobs are found through your personal contact referrals/word of mouth, and a very small percentage of job openings are advertised in newspapers or websites? Hiding behind your computer screen might make you feel that you are really accomplishing something—not!

We propose an 80-20 rule:

  • 20% of your time should be spent in Research-Response Actions (searching the internet, emailing out resumes, looking at newspapers or other job boards)
  • 80% of your time should be spent in Personal Contact Actions (managing and expanding your contacts, talking with your contacts and asking for referral contacts)If you are sitting at home behind your computer screen chances are great that you will still be sitting there next week, month, year. In a 40 hour work week, and yes finding a job is your job, 80% or 32 hours should be spent in Personal Contact Actions. Keep a log of your time, and get out from behind your computer screen