What is Coaching?

A discussion process between members of the organization aimed at exerting a positive influence in the motivation, performance and awareness of areas for improvement and development of another person to help them be as effective as possible. (From our Two Day Coaching For Performance Workshop—Participant’s workbook).

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The Coach: Creating Partnerships for a Competitive Edge. 

This book is about the Coaching Process and the basis for our 2 day Coaching Skills Workshop. The skills, behaviors, and values today’s leaders need to invoke employee commitment and motivation. This is a “how-to” book with lots of specifics on what to say and how to handle different coaching situations. For our new revision the visual format has been modernized and 5 new chapters added to address repeated questions or concerns from participants in our workshop. Coaching is a skill that can be learned, if one understands and practices the process and skills described in this book. $4.95 Ebook version. Click here to order Ebook version

COACHING QUESTIONS for Leader-Employee Conversations.

Although statements made by the coach are an important part of the discussion, questions cause the other person to think and foster a dialogue. This booklet provides guidance for developing effective questions and illustrates effective questions for all phases of the coaching process. $3.95 plus shipping. Click here to order Ebook version.

Teamwork: We Have Met The Enemy and They Are Us

In this book you will discover the inner dimensions of how groups become teams and how group dynamics can be managed. You will add clarity to the very subtle and often subliminal concept of teamwork by watching groups from a unique perspective; as they work to meet outdoor challenges. It’s not magic and there is no secret; it can be explained and put into practice by every team. Also included is our Team Effectiveness Model (click to view) and a Team Effectiveness Questionnaire (TEQ) to assess team strengths and weaknesses. eBook version $4.95. Click to order.

Team Effectiveness Questionnaire (TEQ)

A fifty-item questionnaire to assess your team’s strengths and weaknesses in five areas of team effectiveness: direction, leadership, atmosphere, structure/resources, and processes. Useful for preliminary diagnosis before a team building intervention, as part of the actual intervention or, as a follow-up assessment of progress.  Available in a paper and pencil format or on-line.  Tabulation can be done manually or computer assisted. The Team Effectiveness Model and questions are contained in Teamwork:  We Have Met The Enemy and They Are Us.

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